Although life is not complete without sharing it with others, relational distress is perhaps the most painful part of living. From an early age, relationships mold us, and the throws of life can trigger something deep within our being that somehow make communication difficult. Emotionally laden issues take on a life of their own and without end. As a marriage and family therapist trained in systemics I enjoy processing with you the negative emotions from day to day living and how they impact us both personally and relationally.

Ironically, although relationship (or a lack thereof) can be a catalyst to your pain, it can also heal. As a husband of 16 years, a father of four, and having a child with autism, I have experienced a myriad of complexities that have simply served to strengthen my faith and resolve to love better. I enjoy walking with others on their path to hope and healing and witnessing the fruit of their labor.

I invite you to reach out and take the first step toward hope and healing. Don’t allow a negative cycle to rob you of the joys of life or marriage. These joys are within reach. There is always hope. God Bless.