Silent Holy Knight
Silent Holy Knight Picture
A man and boy move through a fallen America. Nothing left in this war-torn place is good—nothing. As love for man runs cold bandits and foreign soldiers prowl the land in hopes of devouring the weak. Only the strong survive here, and all hope is lost. The people are desperate—willing to believe in a hope that defies all logic and understanding. And there are rumors—a promised land hidden beyond the mountains.

As the man and boy move through the wilderness, they pick up unwelcomed strays along the way—a desperate people too weak to defend themselves against the strong. As the band of misfits grows their odds of survival shrink as they become the hunted. Many fall away, and the few that remain are tested to the very end.

Silent Holy Knight is an emotional journey keeping one profound thought at the forefront. It is a novel solely concerned with man’s preconceived notions of strength and weakness. That perhaps…things aren’t as they so naturally seem. Alternatively, it offers a thought that few can live out: strength is made perfect in weakness.

Grace FollowsGrace Follows Picture

A father and his son enter a wilderness place. Darkness surrounds the small bit of light they carve out for themselves. The spiny pines sway and crack in the night, and the wind whistles and howls against the limbs. They are all alone with their new gear. They run from something, though neither know what. A mysterious dog named Gracie follows them there. Something’s off about this place. It must be the light amidst the dark—the life within the dead and dying. There is a decision to be made—a choice between the dark and the light. But which will it be?

Grace Follows is a groundbreaking story on the discovery of a narrow path. It depicts a place of hopelessness and despair—a place of incredible loss and unmeasurable heartache. Yet, within the pain there is a far-off light—a bright light amidst the darkness that surrounds. It has always been there—unchanging and unfading. It is a promise that follows us to the ends of the earth…and it is a choice we must all make.

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